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Malls & Shopping Centres

Malls & Shopping Centres

Retail Security Services

At Wolfpack , we don’t just offer generic, off-the-shelf security for malls. We set ourselves apart from other mall security companies by getting to know your unique needs and then crafting customized security services around those needs. Our customized shopping centre security services are competitively priced, too — and we’ll even match any formally submitted bid from a competitor.

Make sure your mall reaches its full potential as a gathering place when you choose Wolfpack Security for mall security.

Mall Security Services That Makes Management Easier

When you run a shopping centre or mall, you have so much to worry about: Maintenance, leasing, hiring and much more. You need a provider of mall security services that can offer a complete solution that makes your life easier. Wouldn’t it be nice to find peace-of-mind and forget about security altogether — because it’s effectively taken care of?

Security Guards, Surveillance & Monitoring for Malls & Shopping Centres

At Wolfpack , we deliver that complete solution and we’re progressive about including technology into our services. You can always count on us to offer the latest developments and industry innovations. In addition to our physical officers, we can also offer laser fencing, surveillance cameras, advanced access systems, tracking devices with geolocation, client portals, remote monitoring and more.

We spare no expense in training because we want each of our officers to be fully prepared and capable of delivering service that meets the highest standards. Each of our officers goes through rigorous training and each meets the highest standards of certification before being deployed. When you choose Wolfpack Security, you’re choosing the best team and the best mall security company.

The Wolfpack Difference

When we provide security for malls, it’s more than just a job to us. We see ourselves as partners in our clients’ success. We are locals serving locals, and we take that responsibility seriously. We’re not just security pros fixated on billable hours while going through the motions of delivering mall security services.

Communication also sets us apart from other mall security companies. At any time, you can enjoy free and easy access to our entire team — everyone from frontline officers to our CEO. It’s this high level of communication that allows us to create and follow through on our customized plans for delivering high-quality mall and shopping centre security services.

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