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We do everything possible to accommodate our clients and check on the services we provide them

When it comes to the community or business you’re responsible for, there’s only one choice to make — Wolfpack Protective Services.

We Value You

When you choose Wolfpack for your security needs, you join a family that’s committed to doing more than any other security company would. We don’t just meet the needs of our clients — we exceed them in everything we do. We don’t see ourselves as your chosen security provider. Instead, we think of ourselves as your chosen partner.

We’ve been proudly serving residential communities and businesses in California since 2018. Many of our clients have been with us because they value the work we do as much as we value them.

We Invest in Training

Just like we value our clients, we value the communities in which we work. We have a longstanding tradition of hiring local professionals to join our team. We invest in our security guards and spare no expense when it comes to training them. We know our security guards are a direct reflection of us when they’re in the field and that you rely on them for your security.

That’s why each and every one of our representatives goes through rigorous training and is required to satisfy demanding certification standards.

We Innovate

Even though Wolfpack was founded 3 years ago, we’re not content with doing things the same way they’ve always been done. We’re constantly investigating new technology and innovative ideas to see how we can apply them to improve the security we provide for our clients. In fact, we were the first security providers to test drones for private security purposes in the United States.

Our Security Services

We provide security through a wide variety of means, including physical security guards, laser fencing, surveillance cameras, tracking devices equipped with geolocation technology, client portals, remote monitoring and more. Our generous menu of security services makes us your one-stop-shop for all of your security needs. Because we offer such an array of services, we can adapt our services to meet your specific security needs and develop a custom security plan for your location.

We’re Involved

Have you ever chosen to work with a vendor only to discover that they’ve disappeared once they closed the deal? That won’t happen with us. From our guards on the front lines to our CEO, we’re involved with our clients every day. We maintain an open line of communication with our clients and we respond immediately whenever an issue arises because we’re your partner, your family.

When you welcome us into your business or community to provide security, we know we’re becoming a part of something greater than ourselves, and we get as involved as you want us to be. We know time sometimes runs short and you just need that one extra hand to sweep the driveway or place that call to the service provider you’ve been meaning to contact before the end of the day. Instances like those are where we’re happy to step in and pull our weight in our dual role as security provider and partner.

We maintain a strong presence in the communities we keep a watchful eye on, as well. We’re always happy to check on properties when their owners are traveling, even if doing so is beyond the scope of our job description. Our presence is so strong that we’ve even been known to pet-sit on occasion when it was necessary.

We Provide Quality Security at Competitive Prices

We provide quality security services at competitive prices. If you receive a formal bid from another security company that’s lower than ours, we’ll match the price. That’s how sure we are that choosing our services is the right move for your community or business.

With Wolfpack Protective Services having so much to offer, is there any other choice you’re willing to make for your security needs?

The length of time, combination of expertise, and excellent client retention our companies have demonstrated enabled us to provide the highest quality security services at a very competitive price point. We offer customized solutions, client relationship management, supervision and training along with officers tracking at one low price. Next to our competitive pricing is our attention to details, excellent response level to any minor issues, attending all board meetings on a regular basis, assisting the management companies in solving many of the daily problems to the communities beyond our security scope of work. Customized appearance to enhance the image of our presence in any contracted location through the uniforms or the vehicles.

The biggest benefit is the added value we present in approaching any contract, starting by presenting custom solutions to fit any budget and preparing a security platform from scratch including all software and monitoring needs at whole sale pricing. Our cost Model is provided based on what a is security services company needed and our price models are furnished based on the scope of work and quality in the RFP.

We are considered as a medium-size security company and we acquire existing security firms and combine best practices to deliver a higher tier of services.

Our company enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the State of California. We are very proud of all our clients and will be delighted to add share it with you.

Wolfpack philosophy is simple ­ Professionalism in every area. This philosophy is in every aspect of the company. The company’s size, our experienced management, and a commitment to total customer satisfaction give CitiGlobal an excellent position in the market.

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