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Colleges, Universities & Sororities

Colleges, Universities & Sororities

Protecting Lives With Trained Security Guards in California

Schools, colleges, and universities must protect their students from threats within and beyond their boundaries. WPS expert security guards in California are always ready at a moment’s notice to respond to an emergency to save lives, your assets, and property!

Colleges, Universities & Sororities Security

Expert Readiness At A Moment’s Notice

Since its establishment in 2018, Wolfpack Protective Services has been providing college campus security services to various schools in California. Our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations has earned us the trust of colleges and universities across the state.

Security Services For Colleges & Universities

When it comes to university security services in California, we take our responsibility seriously. Our commitment is to handle all of your college security needs, from surveillance to on-site personnel, so you can focus on providing a safe and secure environment for your students and faculty.

We provide a wide range of university campus security services, so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple vendors. Let us be your trusted partner for all your security needs!

Security Guards & Foot Patrol For Colleges & Universities

Our highly-trained security guards in California offer exceptional foot patrol and surveillance services for colleges and universities. Whether your campus is small or large, we can provide you with a dedicated security guard or a team to ensure the safety of your students, faculty, and visitors.

We offer regular foot patrols, on-site video monitoring, and even escort services to guarantee that every person on campus feels safe and secure. Trust our expert team to provide you with reliable, comprehensive security services!

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