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Colleges, Universities & Sororities

Colleges, Universities & Sororities

Colleges, Universities & Sororities

Since Security was founded in 2018, we’ve been providing college campus security for schools located throughout California. Colleges and Universities trust us with their security needs because of our reputation for going above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Security Services for Colleges & Universities

As a university security company, we consider it our responsibility to handle all of your college security needs — not just some of them. We offer a wide range of university campus security services so you can work with one trusted partner, not multiple vendors, to keep your grounds secure.

Security Guards & Foot Patrol for Colleges & Universities

We can provide a university security guard or a full team of them, depending on the size of your campus. Whether you need one college security guard or several of them, our officers will perform foot patrols regularly to make sure your students, staff, visitors and assets are safe. They can even escort students across campus to ensure they reach their destinations safely.

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