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Gated Communities & HOA’s

Gated Communities & HOA’s

Gated Communities & HOA’s

Wolfpack Security is specialized in providing security neighborhoods can rely on ever since. With almost 3+ years of gated community security under our belts, we’ve become a sought-after HOA security company over the years because of our reputation for consistently surpassing our clients’ expectations.

No matter how high your security standards are, the standards we hold ourselves to are even higher when it comes to the protection of your neighborhood.

  • Gated Community Security Company in California
  • Propriety Security Software Used For Gate Traffic
  • Automatic License Plate Monitoring Database for Access Control
  • Live IP Cameras Monitored 24/7 in our Command Center
  • Supervisors on Duty 24/7 in our patrol vehicles
  • Laser Fencing Technology for communities and individual homes

Security Services for Gated Communities & HOAs

We’ve acted as gated community security managers for so long and in so many locations that we’re intimately familiar with the protective measures that are necessary to keep your residents and physical property safe. If you’re unsure about the kind of security your community needs, we can develop a custom security platform that addresses your community’s security threats and fits your neighborhood’s budget.

Access Control for Gated Communities & HOAs

One of the most critical things we do for neighborhoods is provide gated community surveillance services.  We maintain a computerized residential and vehicle registration database for every gated community we work in. Our database is constantly updated and we back up our database regularly to ensure we always have access to the most accurate information whenever we need it.

We also provide gated community access control. Depending on your community’s needs and preferences, we can post unarmed guards at your neighborhood’s entrance points to prevent people from trespassing. This security tactic is also effective at preventing non-residents from using your community’s amenities and exposing them to unnecessary wear and tear or damage.

If you’re in charge of an HOA, then you know the security systems you have in place for your community can be the deciding factor between someone buying a home in your neighborhood or moving somewhere else. Your security systems, or lack thereof, can also heavily influence your community’s reputation and attractiveness to prospective homeowners. Finally, your security systems affect how safe your current residents feel in their own homes and neighborhood.

While having a gate around your community certainly limits the number of access points your neighborhood has, the physical barrier doesn’t eliminate them all. Residents and their visitors still have to enter and exit your community, after all, so your neighborhood will always have some inherent points of vulnerability.

Although that’s the case, we can develop a custom gated community access control plan for your community that can shore up your access points in terms of security. The access control system we create for your neighborhood can be as simple as having unarmed guards at every point of entry and egress. Depending on the needs of your community, your custom access control system may have to be more involved.

Wolfpack Security has been at the leading edge of technology. In fact, we were the first company in the United States to test drones for use in private security. Our commitment to incorporating the latest technological advancements into our security measures has never wavered, which is why we’re able to create advanced, integrated access control systems when they’re needed.

From access control plans that involve only guards to security schemes involving a combination of guards and technology like video surveillance and many more, we’ve created highly effective gated community access control systems ranging from basic to complex. Whatever the security needs of your community are, we’ll develop a gated community access control plan that will keep your residents and their property and guests safe. The custom access control system we create will also protect your community’s shared amenities.

Foot Patrol for Gated Communities & HOAs

One of our most-requested HOA security services is foot patrol. Many neighborhoods enjoy this service because it establishes the presence of security personnel repeatedly throughout the day and helps residents feel safer. Seeing our officers walk the streets and interact with residents will also make your community more attractive to prospective homeowners.

Security Equipment Maintenance for Gated Communities & HOAs

We perform maintenance on gated community security systems, as well. Routine maintenance is an important part of providing security for gated communities because it ensures your security system will work when an emergency arises.

Surveillance for Gated Communities & HOAs

We provide video monitoring for gated communities, too. We can monitor who enters and leaves your community. We can also use a video system to monitor your neighborhood’s amenities, such as its club house, pool and golf course to deter thieves or vandals.

The Wolfpack Difference

At Wolfpack, we’ll do whatever is necessary to protect your gated community and we’ll support your neighborhood by getting involved. If we see something out-of-place, we’ll fix it. If a neighbor is out of town, we’ll do an extra patrol past their home even if it’s not on our normal route.

When we’re responsible for your neighborhood’s security, your community becomes our community, too. This means we care about its security and maintenance as much as you do and we’ll do our part to ensure your neighborhood remains a desirable place to be a homeowner.

If you’re looking for an HOA security company, your search is over now that you’ve found Wolfpack Security. Give us a call to arrange a consultation with our gated community security experts today.

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