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Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Looking for a complete country club security solution? At Wolfpack Security, we’ve been delivering complete solutions to country clubs, golf courses and other operations in need of security since 2018. We take a different approach from most other country club security providers.

While others may offer standard services for country clubs and golf courses, we get to know your unique needs. We use that understanding of your needs to create a custom security plans that includes exactly what you need to create the safest, most secure environment possible for your members, you guests and your team.

We offer our country club security services at competitive prices, and we’ll even match formally submitted bids from our competitors. Help your country club or golf course maximize its potential when you choose Wolfpack for country club and golf course security.

  • Only Security Company to use Laser Fencing Surveillance
  • Only Security Company to use Drone Surveillance
  • Live IP Cameras monitored 24/7 in our Command Center 24/7 Marked Patrol Vehicles
  • Pool of Emergency Standby Guards in case of Emergency and to ensure perfect attendance
  • Supervisors able to respond to distress signals faster than local police departments
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