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Production Lots & Studios

Production Lots & Studios

Protecting You & Your Property Against Liability

Video production crews, assets, and actors need to be protected against criminal activity as well as fans to limit loss and liability. Wolfpack Protective Services offers vigilant security services in California, with each guard ensuring protection at all times.

Production Lots & Studios Security Services in California

Making The Most Out of Your Productions & Videos With Confidence

At Wolfpack Protective Services, we understand that production lots and studios require a unique approach to security. That’s why we provide specialized film set security services to production studios and lots in California since 2018. Our security guards are trained to handle any situation that may arise, ensuring the safety of your crew and assets.

We offer a range of security services, including access control, surveillance, and mobile patrols. Our security guards are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your production lot is secure at all times. You can trust us to provide the highest level of security for your production lot or studio.

Contact us today to learn more about our production lot security services and how we can help you protect your assets with our expert security guards in California!

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