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Two Men In Suits And Hats Walking Down A Sidewalk.

Video Monitoring Services

Constant Vigilance With 24/7 Video Monitoring Services WWolfpack Protective Services is dedicated to helping you create more secure surroundings around you and providing you with the confidence you need. By trusting our surveillance service in California, you opt for 24/7 vigilance…

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A Woman In Uniform Sitting At A Table Writing On Paper.

Event Security

Securing Your Gatherings & Events The WWolfpack Protective Services Way We have been a trusted name in the event security industry since 2018 due to our thoroughness and highly experienced staff, protecting you against internal and external threats alike. Let us…

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A Police Officer Sitting At Her Desk Reading.

Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen

Hospitality Starts With Your Lobby Ambassadors & Doormen At Wolfpack Protective Services, we understand the importance of making a positive impact on your staff, stakeholders, and customers. From when they enter your premises to bidding them farewell, our lobby ambassadors…

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A Man In Uniform Standing With His Arms Crossed.

Off Duty Police Officers

Better Training + Better Experience = Better Security WPS is constantly striving to go further and provide you with better security models, a major part of which is our off-duty police officer security services in California. Let us provide the…

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A Man In Black Uniform Standing Next To A Wall.

Foot Patrol

Dedicated Foot Patrol Security Services in California Our foot patrol security services are designed to help you get better peace of mind by adopting a multi-tier security approach. WPS helps you create the multi-dimensional security net you need via constant…

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A Man In Uniform Standing Next To A Building.

Armed and Unarmed Guards

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards in California By WPS We offer comprehensive security services in California, catering to your specific needs. Whether you require armed or unarmed guards for residential or public/private events, Wolfpack Security is here to provide top-tier…

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